How to Order the Harvard Business School Cases for the Venture Academy Training


Case Studies

Q: How do I order the Harvard Business School case studies that are taught in the Venture Academy DVD Training Series?  Also, how much do the cases cost?


A: You can order the cases by clicking on the hyperlinks below.  The cases are $6.95 each for PDF downloads.


Case Description Case Name Case Number Order URL
Sales case Siebel Systems (A) 9-898-210
Marketing case CMR Enterprises 9-501-012
Operations case Crocs: Revolutionizing an Industry’s Supply Chain Model for Competitive Advantage GS-57
Accounting cases Introduction to Activity Based Costing 9-197-076
Dakota Office Products 9-102-021
Finance case, Inc. 9-201-037
Legal case Palm Computing 9-396-245
Technology case RealNetworks Rhapsody 9-804-142
HR case ServiceMaster Industries, Inc. 9-388-064
Business Communications cases Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 (A) KEL285
Exxon: Communications After Valdez 9-593-014
Service Management case The Mitchell Family 9-605-047
Comprehensive case Interep National Radio Sales, Inc. 9-999-011

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