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Defining Customer Service for Your Business

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Defining Customer Service

I’m surprised at how little it takes to make me a happy customer. I’m not a demanding guy by nature, so a business simply has to offer me decent prices and good products or services to get me to come back. If the business’ salespeople treat me like a fellow human being, then that’s icing on the cake. But it’s icing I really like. Lately, I’ve been thinking that my attitude about customer service is an unfortunate sign of the times. You may feel differently, but I view bland or poor customer service as the rule, rather than the exception….

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Defining Customer Segments

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Customer SegmentationQ: What exactly are "customer segments" />

Q: What exactly are “customer segments”? A: Customer segmentation is the analysis of your customer base along several dimensions such as: Geography Size of the customer (the size of their organization) Type of customer Size of the customer relationship (how much they buy from you) Type of customer relationship Profitability of the customer Demographics of the customer (such as age, income, marital status and presence of children for consumer customers) Psychographics of the customer (such how the product makes them feel, what they are trying to achieve by using the service, etc.). Once the above analysis is done, then look…

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Venture Academy Video Excerpt: Service Distinctiveness

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This video provides insight into the necessity of having a distinctive service relative to competitors:     This video is just 1 of nearly 200 videos available with a Venture Academy subscription and is excerpted from the Sales and Marketing section.

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Three Ways to Avoid Confusing the Market with a New Product Launch

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The Netbook launch in 2007, which introduced a smaller, cheaper web-browsing computing device with fewer features than a laptop, is a case in point of poor alignment between what consumers want, what they thought they bought and what they actually got. It stems from core marketing issues of the lack of i) proper market research, ii) proper product positioning and iii) proper marketing messaging. Post-launch research revealed the following issues with the new Netbooks based upon extensive consumer survey of 600 Netbook purchasers: “60 percent of consumers who purchased a netbook instead of a notebook thought their netbooks would have the…

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