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Mobile: The Latest Technology Disruption – Will You Win or Lose?

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Mobile Disruption

Mobile internet computing is disrupting desktop internet computing in the same way that… …desktop internet computing disrupted personal computing in the same way that… …personal computing disrupted mini computing in the same way that… …mini computing disrupted mainframe computing. And there will be many new Winners just like in past disruptions. If you are going to win, you’ve got to think mobile. So why is it that so many existing businesses have not yet gone mobile? Will you be a Winner or a Loser at the end of this disruption? The Winners have intuitive, feature-rich, easy-to-use, deeply-connected mobile apps and responsive…

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Internet Business Models Explained

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Q: I have a few quick questions for you. Since you’ve had experience with dot-com businesses, in your opinion: Are dot-com businesses (like for instance NetFlix) still viable business ideas? From idea conception to sustainable profit, for dot-com businesses, what amount of capital and time is usually required (assuming that they are good enough ideas to succeed)? What kind of internet business models are there? A: Like any business, an internet business can be all over the map in terms of its viability, capital and time required. An internet business is still a “business”, it just happens to use an internet channel…

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