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This Startup Strategy is Guaranteed to Succeed

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I was recently asked by a young aspiring entrepreneur about his next steps upon graduating from college with a degree in entrepreneurship. He was eager for the next phase of his life and wanted to exercise his entrepreneurial muscle while continuing to learn. Besides the obvious answer of “go to work for a startup with a compelling offering and a great leadership team and learn from the situation (which often means you are just a grunt and don’t really observe or learn all that much), I suggested that he also consider the following: maintain a college budget of living on next to nothing…

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Developing the Ability to Think Like an Entrepreneur

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Developing the Ability to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Q: I have truly enjoyed your Venture Academy series during the past year. It was an incredible investment value. Your personal stories on how you honed your entrepreneurial talents were most interesting. With your experience and understanding, would you suggest apprenticeships, or reading books or a combination — developing talents from example and discussion — as the most effective method of successfully forging dividend-paying business talents and to think more like an entrepreneur? A: I’m glad to hear you have benefitted from the videos. I would recommend both apprenticeships and reading. In terms of reading, I would recommend becoming a…

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Teaching Adam to Be an Entrepreneur

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Adam's Card

When my son Adam was nine years old, he decided he needed to make money to buy a little scooter (although I hoped by the time he worked hard for the money, that the lesson about investing vs. spending will have sunk in deeper). So, given the combination of his interest, his age and maturity — and having just finished his first year of competitive speech and debate — I decided it was time for him to spread his wings. He sorted through several ideas on his own and he approached me to “sell” me on the idea of washing my…

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How to Order the Harvard Business School Cases for the Venture Academy Training

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  Q: How do I order the Harvard Business School case studies that are taught in the Venture Academy DVD Training Series?  Also, how much do the cases cost?   A: You can order the cases by clicking on the hyperlinks below.  The cases are $6.95 each for PDF downloads.   Case Description Case Name Case Number Order URL Sales case Siebel Systems (A) 9-898-210 Marketing case CMR Enterprises 9-501-012 Operations case Crocs: Revolutionizing an Industry’s Supply Chain Model for Competitive Advantage GS-57 Accounting cases Introduction to Activity Based Costing 9-197-076 Dakota Office Products 9-102-021…

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Entrepreneurship 101 with Julia and Maria

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An opportunity arose several years ago to teach a very young Julia and Maria (my two oldest daughters) when my in-laws announced a large garage sale at their nearby upscale home. My creative wife kicked into high gear with a project to teach our daughters an entrepreneurial lesson by selling breakfast to the early morning crowd of bargain hunters. The first lesson was to help them forecast the potential demand for various breakfast items. The next lesson was to have them put their own personal capital at risk for the raw materials. Then there were production lessons of preparing the…

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