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The Perfect Brainstorm

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  Poet Robert Frost once described the brain as something that “starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.” Okay, so you can jump start it again with a stiff cup of Folgers. The point is, much of what passes for work in the workplace requires—admit it—very little of your cerebral cortex. The mundane tasks that constitute the average workday are often far from intellectually stimulating—but that’s probably a good thing. A certain amount of routine helps us balance the stressful elements of operating a business. Too much…

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Atlanta Business Conference

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Larry Burkett started a business outreach more than 35 years ago teaching and ministering to the business leaders across our land! God has a plan for operating a business and His principles are proven to work! I could not be any more excited than I am right now in the history of Crown to personally launch our new and growing business outreach. Many people today are considering starting a business or they have already become a business leader. Crown is adding more tools to equip today’s business leaders. Whether the business is large or small, Crown is here to help!…

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The Most Influential Ministry a Christian Could Endeavor

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Business Leaders Are Highly Influential. While less than twenty percent of Americans regularly attend church services, sixty-three percent of Americans go to work each day. And while those church attenders are only under the influence of their church leader an average of 15 minutes each week during his sermon, the average American is under the influence of his employer’s leadership for an average of 46 hours per week. And, where a church leader is primarily “preaching to the choir” with pews filled mostly with believers, business owners employ a cross-section of Americans of all faiths and belief systems, giving them…

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