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Is Your Brand Selling A Lie?

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On September 12, 1940, 18-year-old Marcel Ravidat scrambled through a tiny hole in the mountainside in Southern France. Just inside the mouth of the cave, Ravidat lit a grease gun from the garage where he worked and slowly walked deeper into the cavern. As the faint light from his makeshift torch crawled across the walls, he noticed a flicker of color. Marcel Ravidat shifted the light to get a better look and consequently discovered one of the most exquisite examples of prehistoric art in the world, the 17,000-year-old Lascaux cave paintings. Besides being some of the best preserved prehistoric cave…

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Keep it Simple and Capture the Mass Market

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Keep It Simple

There is a movement afoot, but it is not new. It’s actually been happening for quite a while and it is picking up momentum given the extended slide sideways with the economy. The trend can be summed up as follows: a shift towards “simple” or “good enough” — call it the “flight to simplicity” if you will. This change shows up across a broad spectrum, whether is it simple living, such as cultivating a small backyard garden, or whether it is simplicity in your product line-up. Simplicity is now hip, but the idea of producing a simple, low-end offering, capturing market share at the…

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The Importance of Google for Your Business

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The Importance of Google to Your Business

If you were ever wondering about how important search engines – and Google in particular – are to your business, check out these facts: 70% of web searches start at Google 89% of all clicks come from Google’s first search page 84% of people use the web to look for local businesses Add the behavior reality that very few Google searchers scan below the fold (the “fold” is the amount of search results that can be seen at the top of the search returns in your browser without scrolling down). And even far fewer searchers, ever click to the second,…

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Three Ways to Avoid Confusing the Market with a New Product Launch

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The Netbook launch in 2007, which introduced a smaller, cheaper web-browsing computing device with fewer features than a laptop, is a case in point of poor alignment between what consumers want, what they thought they bought and what they actually got. It stems from core marketing issues of the lack of i) proper market research, ii) proper product positioning and iii) proper marketing messaging. Post-launch research revealed the following issues with the new Netbooks based upon extensive consumer survey of 600 Netbook purchasers: “60 percent of consumers who purchased a netbook instead of a notebook thought their netbooks would have the…

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How To Get Sales and Marketing Experience Prior to a Startup

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Q: It is quite apparent to me from reading through your site and listening to your presentations, that sales and marketing skills are essential for an entrepreneur. I am a young man without any experience in sales and marketing and I am curious what you might suggest for someone in my position. A: You are correct in that I strongly believe that sales and marketing is the most important skill in an entrepreneur. Of course there are other important factors such as the opportunity you are pursuing, your character, God’s providence, etc., but the most important skill for an entrepreneur is the…

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