Sam Jimenez

Business Banker

I was born and raised in NYC and I thank God that I was brought up in a Christian home. My parents instilled in me the value of knowing and serving The Lord. My wife and I raised our children to serve The Lord also and now they are all grown up and have their own careers. One is a nurse and the other a lawyer. During my time in NYC and prior to moving to Florida in 2012, I began my career with Chase bank in their retail banking division. My career path took me become a branch manager and as branch manager, part of my responsibility was to meet certain sales goals as well as overseas the operations. In 2007, I transitioned to business banking as a relationship manager. My job entailed managing and working with business owners to provide them with solutions to help meet their banking needs. Currently, I'm in an interesting crosswalk in my life. I'm looking to move on from Chase after 31 years to a role as a business advisor. I feel The Lord has led me to Crown Financial Ministries to reach that objective. I look forward to attending this conference because I believe I will be trained and equipped to work with business owners and others to provide sound biblical advice for the honor and glory of The Lord.