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Taxes & Tax Management

Taxes and Tax Management

Erin Baehr is a Certified Financial Planner™ and an Enrolled Agent, working in the finance and tax fields for eleven years. Erin is a NAPFA registered advisor, and owns Baehr Family Financial LLC, where she provides unbiased, objective financial advice in a cooperative relationship. As a Qualified Kingdom Advisor, Erin is dedicated to advising clients from a biblical worldview and teaching the principals of biblical financial stewardship. Erin authors a personal finance column for the Pocono Record, writes for and publishes a blog at

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Nuts and Bolts of Corporate Taxes

Form of Incorporation

When starting a business, many entrepreneurs wrestle with the question of what corporate structure is business best. Legal pros and cons aside, there are various tax and financial matters to consider when choosing.  (Note that these are general guidelines and in no way comprehensive). The limited liability company (LLC) is a very popular form of business structure and one most entrepreneurs have at least heard of.  It offers liability protection while being flexible in the taxation department. But what many budding business owners don’t realize is that choosing to operate as an LLC isn’t the only decision to make; you…

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Dazed and Confused About Working from Home

Home Office

Of all the deductions our tax code allows, the home office deduction should win the prize for “most likely to confuse and frighten.” So let’s shed a bit of light and dispel some myths.   As always, note this is intended to be general in nature and not all-inclusive of tax regulation.   Who can take the home office deduction? You don’t have to be in business for yourself to take the deduction, but it is easier to qualify if you are.  The IRS applies the “regular and exclusive use” rule for the area of your home used for business in order…

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