Bill Griffin III Woodbridge , Virginia (Metro DC)

Leadership, Life & Executive Coach, Keynotes

Specialties: Productivity, Leadership, Communication, Strategy. Bill believes Wisdom is the principle thing! Bill’s purpose, through education, inspiration and coaching is to support Believers in accomplishing their God given vision. Bill has worked with hundreds of Christian professionals and entrepreneurs over the years to help them find just the right balance of wisdom, structure, personal and organizational leadership to achieve their very best. Bill has started multiple companies to advance the body of Christ as in Romans 12:2. Bill is an award winning Prison Minister and Christian Radio Talk Show Host. His mission is not just to bring economic success to a believer’s life, but success in their calling and their enterprise as well. Bill has studied biblical motivational principals passionately, and has more than a dozen life skills certifications. He has spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars yearly, upgrading his skills. He has a passion for wisdom and a gift for instilling its principles into hungry hearts and minds. Bill says; “In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells a parable about a seed that fell on good soil and yielded a harvest of thirty, sixty, even a hundred times the investment. I will encourage you to take God at His word. I believe by being faithful and obedient to Him, we are sowing seeds on fertile ground. We can ask what we will and God will supply more than we could ever even imagine. Do you want to achieve your goals and the “next level of success?” Great! Through our work together, you will challenge the habits and limiting beliefs that keep you from getting what you want and begin taking huge leaps toward your God given purpose. Be Blessed”