Anthony Stradford 50 States, USA

Financial Literacy Coach/Planner

Office and Operations, Business Improvement, Growth Strategy, Increasing Profitability, Taxes and Tax Management, Benefits Management

Anthony Stradford is the Founder of 360 Degree Education and Training Solutions, Integrity Education Solutions, a Crown Business Advisor/Seminar Presenter and active Senior Marketing Director with WealthWave. His mission is to serve God in ensuring that “No Family Is Left Behind,” by educating families on effective college planning, financing and career placement, retirement and estate planning. He assist businesses with financial literacy programs, buy/sell agreements, cross-purchase agreements, key employee planning, Government & Corporate Risk Assessments, Business Continuity Planning and Crown Business By The Book Seminars. Anthony is a Certified College Planner, Certified Financial Educator, Member of the National Financial Planning Association, National College Advocacy Group, National Institute of Certified College Planners, Certified Personality ID Consultant, Crown Business Seminar Presenter, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Level II Certified, Government & Corporate Risk Assessor, Business Continuity Planner and Master Financial Education Volunteer with the Virginia Cooperative Extension Program-Virginia Poly-technical University-Virginia State University and he sits on the Virginia Beach Environmental Board. With over 20 years of federal service in the U.S. Marine Corps leading training, education and inspection teams focused on business administration and 10 years Federal Civil Service as Director, Safety, Security, Facilities and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection programs throughout major locations around the world, and 18 years of experience in college and retirement planning education and training, he is driven by his passion for service to communities throughout North America.