Jim Sullivan Mission Viejo, CA

CEO - Vision Resourcing Group

Outsourcing, Business Improvement, Growth Strategy, Increasing Profitability, PR, Customer Relationship Management, Branding Advertising

Prior to working with Crown, Jim was in management in the restaurant business for 19 years, then Insurance, major medical, life, and disability, then held a Real Estate License and worked in the mortgage area of real estate for 6 years before joining Crown Financial Ministries. Jim has been an Area Director for Crown overseeing as many as 7 Western States. Jim is currently a Certified Crown Seminar Instructor, small group leader trainer, a MoneyLife Coach, Certified Career Direct Consultant and Crown Business Advisor. He has served on staff for over 20 years and is now a Crown Associate for SoCal. In addition. Jim is also Co-Founder and CEO of Vision Resourcing Group, representing many of the finest stewardship/generosity ministries in the U.S.